Daya Ottley

Voice Acting

“First of all…have you ever heard Daya speak?! He’s an incredibly diverse voice talent”!

– KG

My voice-range can be described from up-tempo to soothing and comforting.

I have been told I can give James Earl Jones, Morgan Freeman, even Dennis Haysbert some competition.

If you’re thinking of a fun commercial or smooth warm narrative I’m your guy.

Some of the products I have voiced commercials for:
Mercedes Benz, Bmobile, Burger King, Digicel, Republic Bank, Atlantic, RBC Royal Bank, Pizza Hut, Scotiabank, Toyota, Visa International, Ferreira Optical, Mackeson Stout, Nautical Lands Group and Coca Cola.

We auditioned over 80 voices before choosing Daya Ottley as the exclusive voice of Wellings in Canada. Daya’s efficiency, attention to detail and professionalism are second to none, but it is the artist in him that truly shines. Working with Daya, you will inevitably encounter a take that you didn’t hear coming – but love instantly. He is a collaborator – not just a voice talent. Hire him!

Natalie T. VP, Marketing, NLGC (Wellings)

If you have a project
that you want voiced,
I will be happy
to provide a quote.